Police Officer Reads to Kids, Shares Impact

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Here at Real Men Read with Kids, we encourage you to share your stories about reading with kids to inspire others to do so,too.

Today, Sgt. Charles Duerre’ the of LebanonOhio Police Dept shared this story…

 In my position as the day shift supervisor, I also serve in the role of school liaison officer. The counselor from our primary (grades 1 and 2) school contacted me to see if I would be interested in coming in once a week, in uniform and reading to the students. I agreed and am now in my second year of weekly readings. The positive impact that this has on the students is immeasurable. Many times when I am at the grocery, other stores or events in the community, the students will come up to me and say “I know you, you read to my class.”

I can easily say that this has become the highlight of my week and has quite possibly had more impact on me than on the students. They are definitely our most precious asset and we need to invest in their future, which in fact is really ours. I have been invited by the students to attend their “Young Authors” night and hear stories that they have written themselves and to be present in the classroom when they present written reports on topics they are currently learning about. The rapport that has been developed between us is nothing short of astounding.

The Sgt.’s story is an important reminder that adult men as reading role models can have a profound impact on kids. And, as he states, it goes both ways. Giving always tends to come back to us…

It was great that this counselor contacted Sgt. Lebanon. But you don’t have to wait for an invitation. Offer yourself as a reader to a class, a youth group, a kids’ club. Even just pick up a paper or a magazine or an iPad and read to your kids and grandkids. It’s that regular act of reading that makes you the role model that inspires a kid to become a reader, too.

Sgt., thank you for taking the time to share your wonderful story. Thanks for being the kind of hero they need. Keep up the great work!

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