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Schools, libraries, day-care centers, recreation programs, churches, civic groups…

You can help kids become better readers, too. Host a Real Men Read with Kids event and encourage men to read with kids. What can you do? Here are some ideas. Feel free to add your own ideas and be sure to tell us about them (use our contact form at the bottom of the page).

  • Invite male parents/grandparents to read with your classes or at library story time.
  • Host a Real Men Read with Kids Family night – gather books and kids and invite families – especially dads and uncles and grandpas – to come read with the kids
  • Challenge local civic groups to see which group can get the most men to commit to and read to kids regularly
  • Get dads to visit your after-school program to read a book like the Handbook for Boys and help kids do an activity from it.
  • Set up a challenge between local law enforcement and local firefighters to see which group will log the most minutes read with kids
  • Put articles in your newsletters and on your websites about the importance of men as reading role models
  • Hand out bookmarks or hang posters in your facility encouraging men to read with kids (see below for bookmark and poster templates)
Real Men Read with Kids Bookmarks/ Posters

RMRWK Bookmarks One-Sided (download the pdf file for printing)

Poster template coming soon

  1. I absolutely love this. Great idea, Deb! Woo Hoo!

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