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Christmas Tree Closeup 3photo © 2009 Zechariah Judy | more info (via: Wylio)

This holiday make your gift-giving count for your young readers. Give them gifts that will encourage them to want to read…here are twelve suggestions for starters:

  1. A Basketful of Books – it’s a no-brainer! The more books and other reading material there is in the home, the more likely a child is to read, and, therefore, the better readers they will become. Better yet, bundle them with themed items, for example, if your reader likes basketball, bundle a basketball with a biography of his/her favorite hoops player or Charles Smith’s book of basketball poetry called Hoop Kings.
  2. A home-made coupon book full of promises like “30 minutes of reading time with mommy” and  “Book and Buddy time with dad”. They’ll love you for the time you spend with them.
  3. A really cool comfy chair or pillows to curl up on while they read.
  4. A subscription to a magazine of interest to your child. Magazines are good entry points for lots of reluctant readers, so choose one that is age-appropriate and of high-interest!
  5. A good book light (like the Itty Bitty Book light) that allows him or her to snuggle under the covers and read after bedtime!
  6. For your teen – an “I Read Banned Books” bracelet bundled with one of the great banned books like Chris Crutcher’s Athletic Shorts or Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.
  7. Show them some cool reading websites like or where they can join a discussion group and get recommendations of good books.
  8. If you think they are ready, how about an e-book reader like the Kindle, BeBook, or the Barnes & Noble Nook. Here’s a list of reviews for the top 10 e-book readers.
  9. Nothing better than a gift that keeps on giving…A subscription for a monthly delivery of books right to the mailbox like GiftLit. A friend of ours started this for my son when he was born and kept it up till he was 10 years old. I credit her with helping him get a great start on reading!
  10. Comic books – for those especially reluctant readers. Visual stories are engaging and perfect entry points to the world of reading.
  11. If you can are willing to put out a few extra bucks, kids love interactive books like those found with the Leap Frog Tag system, which won Toy of the Year for 2009!
  12. And to encourage them to visit the library often to find new and exciting books, how about a The Library is Cool” book bag for hauling their books back and forth.

What are your favorite gifts for readers?

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Mr. Gascon & child reading at Griffin's Martial Arts

What do martial arts and reading have in common? They both empower a person to be smarter, stronger, more confident. So what better place to promote reading than in a martial arts dojo/dojang?

Sensei Sean Griffin of Griffin’s Martial Arts in North Fort Myers, Florida has been promoting reading in his dojang and recently shared some photos of men reading with kids and older kids reading with younger kids. Check our FlickR page to see all the pictures.

We commend Sensei Griffin for his efforts. We’d love to see other dojos/dojangs rise to the challenge and encourage more men to read with kids. If your dojo is reading with kids, let us know about it by sharing your story here.

If you need some help to get started, here are a couple of lists of martial arts-related books that your dojo students might enjoy.

Gamsahabnida, Sensei Griffin!

Welcome to Real Men Read with Kids! The goal is simple – to build a community of readers, one man at a time.  Kids – especially boys – need to see men reading. To develop a love for reading and a belief in reading as a valuable tool for learning, growing, enjoying life, and becoming a capable, empowered adult, kids need role models. And they especially need to see men as reading role models.

Whether you’re a dad, a grandpa, an uncle, a cousin, a teacher, a fireman, a doctor, a carpenter, a sensei, a minister, a biologist, a garbage truck driver or any caring adult man – you can show kids the joy and value of reading.

So here’s your chance! Be a real man. Grab a newspaper, a magazine, a book, a how-to manual, a laptop, an iPad, an iPod, an audiobook – anything you can read from or with – and then read it or listen to it with a kid.

Read with them, read to them, read beside them while they read something else, read while they play. Read silently, read aloud, read along, but mostly just read – be that role model. Be that real man! Five minutes a day can change a kid’s life forever!