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I came across this great post by July Berna this morning about why we should read picture books to older kids. She says:  “Picture books are seen as something for little kids, a minor step on to bigger and better things. I understand the pressure parents are under to keep their children moving forward academically. But letting go of picture books too early is not the answer.”

She goes on to explain how picture books can help even older kids understand complex or difficult topics such as illness, family relationships, etc.  She also cites a very important aspect of curling up with a book and reading with your kids at all:

“Then I’m reminded of a lesson I learned in my elementary education classes in college. The topic was reading to children, and all of the positives that can come from it. Someone questioned our professor, wondering how reading to an infant or toddler could do any good. I’ll never forget his answer. “A child who’s read to, even before he has any concept of a book, learns to associate the warm cozy feeling of being nestled in a parent’s arms with reading. For the rest of his life he’ll have positive feelings about learning and reading.” ”

Pushing kids into chapter books could actually turn them off of reading, if done too soon. Be aware of your child’s developmental level and interests, and always give them choice and control when reading for pleasure.

As role models and as readers with kids, using picture books, even with older kids can be a winner all the way around…

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Most parents spend some time reading with their kids, but many of us may not know that how you read with your children is as important as whether you read with your children.  Here are a few tips on how to read with your kids:

  • Talk about the book with your child before reading it
  • Use an enthusiastic voice when reading aloud
  • Let your child ask questions about the book

(Source: Emergent Literacy by Ruth A. Wilson, Ph.D.)

In addition, these pointers will help your child begin to love reading. Making reading fun is especially important because the more enjoyable it is, the more a child will read. The more a child reads, the better reader he/she becomes.

  • Give kids Control and Choice in their reading selections
  • Make it fun, light, enjoyable
  • Use humor when appropriate
  • Keep the reading flow going – don’t bog down in decoding (sounding out words)
  • Ask questions during reading – about the meaning of  the story or parts of the story, rather than questioning about words and sounds of letters

Reading aloud to children is the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading.

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